Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Paparazzi" Shot. 
Top: Forever21
Tie-Dyed vest: Thrifted
Shorts: Found in a random department store
Aztec Friendship Bracelet: Knots by Nicole
Dream Catcher Necklace: Better Than Fiction

Photos by Rap Meting

Have you noticed something different with the way I look? 
If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter, you'd know what it is that I am talking about.
But to those who don't have a clue, let me spare the guessing and share to you now my new hair!
A week ago, I bid goodbye to ombre and welcomed my old ash-brown color back. Most where puzzled by the sudden change. But as much as I want to give you a deep and lengthy explanation why, the only reason I have now is this..
I love ombre hair, I really do. I believe I look better with it, but I think it's about time for me to get back to my old color. 
Summer's over. Time to say goodbye to the beach blonde hair. 6 months of ombre--ash-orange, brown-red and ash-gold--and never a day did I regret having it! :)
To those asking how I maintain/treat my hair, I use Davines OI/OIL. 
 After all the dyeing, my hair became really dry but this serum helps A LOT in lessening and repairing the damage.

Speaking of dyes, the inspiration of this look was the tie-dyed vest which I spotted in some thrift shop in Davao. Another Recessionista find! Played along with soft colors--pink, apple green, baby blue--and added some browns to neutralize--belt, bag and shoes. 
And oh! This is what I wore yesterday. I went around doing errands which explains the choice of uber comfortable ballet flats! haha
Hope you like it! 

It's Sunday, Father's Day! So let me take the chance to greet all your dad's a Happy Father's Day! :)



  1. Where can I buy Davines Oil? My hair is kind of dry and I'd like to try it out too! :) I love your outfit (like always) Cheys! Keep it up <3

  2. I love your new hair color! Mine try it out om my own hair.=))

  3. you're really stunning cheys! :)

  4. Definitely love your hair :) belt & bag ♥

  5. Great outfit! Love your new hair <3

  6. I am literally obsessed with your style! x


  7. That's in Central Bank Davao:) I love your top and your very colorful bag :)
    I am having a humble giveaway!:) Thanks!

  8. you look gorgeous :) love your style :)


  9. incredible outfit!

  10. my hair's ash-brown but it's not half as gorj as yours! mine's not noticeable. where did u get your hair done?

  11. You're a beautiful girl with such a cute attitude ;)

    greetings from Munich,
    Eros (

  12. In french we say "coup de coeur" like a favourite.. I follow you. Your blog is so nice. Kisses

  13. Hi Ms. Cheyser! Totes diggin your bag! Where'd buy it?

  14. I love your hair color!! What color is that?:)

  15. Where can i purchase Davines here in the Philippines? Any suggestions? :)

  16. I love your vest! So cool! xx